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I wish a Happy New Year to all readers of my website. In 2015 I start a new series called PRIVATSEMINAR. The first session will be in Madrid, Spain, January 10-11. Attendance by invitation only. However, there are a few vacancies and I shall consider application from interested parties. The next session will take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in April, 2015.



Belgium NASOE

Belgium NASE

BELGIUM: 18-19 April, 2015


The New Austrian School of Economics In Belgium

"Alternative payment methods have always existed. In fact, this is the story of how money originated. The current economic climate seems unfit to survive financially. This seminar deals with all solutions for the gold investor.

This seminar would not exist and Professor Fekete (82) would not come out of retirement just for fun. Not only do investors face a number of problems. It is civilization itself. Perhaps dramatically, yet, solutions are within reach.

It was Aristotle who said that gold does not beget gold. As much as we like Aristotle, he was wrong. And we'll show you why. In this seminar you will learn:

1. how to make use of to make the existing laws in order to improve your contracts, with the aid of a gold clause

2. how to make gold yield interest ... that will surely get your attention, if not your approval

3. how to circulate gold. Legally.

People still complaining after this seminar about their gold assets betray basic ignorance. Fortunately, we can help them��


Alternative payment methods have always existed. In fact, this is the story of how money originated. The current economic climate...

Tried and tested

NASoE may be an educational institution, we do not live in the clouds. Ours solutions are doable and practical.

Top Experts

A fine selection monetary scientists: a philosopher, a fund manager, a tax lawyer, a professor ...

April 18 Schedule

Belgium NASE Schedule


We invite you to a medieval watermill in the town of Aarschot, Belgium. It belonged to the former Duke and is located on the river "De Demer" as part of the town fortifications.

Battle-scarred and still standing after 700 years, it was leased at one stage to the German Fugger family, famous traders and discounters. They milled copper for their Antwerp warehouse. At the beginning of the Reformation war, they left the mill.

The Duke's watermill/military fortress was thoroughly restored and converted to a hotel and brasserie.

This historic watermill has a fantastic atmosphere and the venue oozes historic events. A fitting venue for NASoE...

I hope to see MANY of you there.

Prof. Antal Fekete


Some Reasons Why You May Want to Attend GSUL
by Tom Szabo,

Professor Antal Fekete is an intellectual heavyweight who could probably solve almost any problem to which he puts his mind. In mathematics, just one of his unpublished theories has the potential to solve the coming bottleneck in computing power and artificial intelligence. Yet it is to the science of monetary theory that the professor has devoted most of his thinking in the past few years, and we are all fortunate that he has done so. Personally, I feel especially lucky to have had a chance to collaborate with him over the past year or two, and I eagerly look forward to many years more.

I may only be exaggerating slightly when I say that the professor's exposition -- right in front of our eyes -- of a unified economic and monetary theory may turn out to be as important scientifically as some of the greatest discoveries in physics, chemistry or medicine. After attending the second Gold Standard University Live session in Szombathely, Hungary, in August of 2007, I coined the phrase "prosperity theory" in an attempt to capture the true meaning of Professor Fekete's work: nothing less than THE BLUEPRINT for how society can have the best chance to prosper. This unified theory is so staggering in its importance that I'm fairly certain people many centuries from now will look back at this period, and the professor's work, as a "Golden Age" of monetary thinking. No, I did not take any drugs while writing this although reading or listening to the professor's sage words can sometimes elicit some drug-like reactions!

I highly recommend that everyone attend as many of the professor's live seminars as possible because the full effect of his greatness is best appreciated in person, especially for the layman. You never know, the experience may turn out to be as priceless in retrospect as having attended a lecture by Adam Smith, Sir Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein before they were recognized for their greatness. Whether you get a chance to catch the professor live or not, all of his writings are must reading for the serious student of money, gold, finance and economics.

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