Antal E. Fekete

He is a renowned mathematician and monetary scientist. This site will illuminate some of his important ideas in the areas of Fiscal and Monetary Reform, Gold Standard University, Real Bills Doctrine, Basis, Gold and Interest and Discount versus Interest.

A comprehensive collection of articles with reflections, interviews and analyses around economies from three decades: Monetary systems, world trade, capital destruction, bond trades, hyper deflation, various gold standards, and much more. In addition, portraits of personalities from contemporary history.

The library of articles from the field of scholarly economics deals with general scientific topics, such as productivity of labor, economic aspects of the pension problem, imbalance in price formation, faulty accounting systems, as well as interest and discount rates.

The essays in this section highlight the ten pillars of sound money and credit. Also presented are well-known lectures from monetary economics with the topics: Capital Markets, Interest Rates, Unadulterated Gold Standard, Legal Tender, Importance of the Discount Rate and more.

In this section all editorials around numbers are summarized. Topics and special features of prime numbers are covered, as well as rational and irrational numbers, rainbow digits, the binary number system and binomial coefficients, step number system and spectral coefficients.

Here you will find further information related to the topics of this website, such as the YouTube channel of Prof. Antal Fekete and selected websites dealing with the works of him as well as service offerings around world economics and gold and silver.

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Overview of the documented finance-related works of mathematician and economist Prof. Antal Fekete, which serve as a reference tool for students and interested parties.

The comprehensive audio documentary of most seminars by Prof. Antal Fekete on exciting topics related to gold investments, gold standard as well as currencies, credits and banking.

Enjoy Prof. Antal Fekete on his video channel on YouTube covering most of his seminars. More than 300 videos on economic and financial subjects are available here.