New Austrian School of Economics – Sound money or unsound – That is the question

November 15-19, 2010
Lecturers: Professor Antal E. Fekete (Hungary),
Rudy Fritsch (Canada),
Sandeep Jaitly (United Kingdom),
Peter Van Coppenolle (Belgium)

Monday, November 15
a.m. Sound Money: Unadulterated Gold Standard
p.m. Unsound Money: Irredeemable Currency and Our Diseased Monetary Bloodstream

Tuesday, November 16
a.m. Fiat Currency: Destroyer of Capital
p.m. Fiat Currency: Destroyer of Labor

Wednesday, November 17
a.m. When Atlas Shrugged: the Lure and Lore of Risk-Free Profits
p.m. Gold and the Babeldom of the Debt Tower

Thursday, November 18
a.m. The Fall and Rise of the Gold Standard
p.m. Sound, Less Sound, Least Sound: The Unhappy Tenth Anniversary of the Euro

Friday, November 19
a.m. And Gold Created Gold. . .
p.m. the Gold Standard Manifesto
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