New Austrian School of Economics – The Austrian Theory of Money, Credit, and Banking

Also discussing:
1. The Phenomenon of Economic Resonence
2. The Linkage and Kondratieff´s Long-Wave Cycle
3. Why Silver?
March 24 – April 2, 2012
(10am-12noon and 4pm-6pm)
Lecturer: Prof. Antal E. Fekete
Guest Lecturers: Sandeep Jaitly (United Kingdom,
Keith Weiner (United States of America)
Location: Munich, Germany

This is the fourth in a four-course series on Austrian Economics, a branch of economic science based on the work of Carl Menger (1840-1921). The school is meant for those (incl. beginners) interested in the Austrian theory of money, credit, and banking, with special emphasis on the present financial and economic crisis. The complete program consists of four courses (20 lectures in 10 days each). Completion of each of the four courses will earn one credit. Also eligible are, counting for ½ of one credit each, the two courses in Canberra, Australia and the two courses in Auckland, NZ. Participants who have accumulated four credits and written a thesis will earn a degree signed by Professor Fekete. For further information and application please mail in advance of this seminar to Dr. Judith Szepesvari (

The four courses are:
Course I: Disorder and Coordination in Economics (given in Budapest, August 2010, available on DVD)
Course II: Adam Smith’s Real Bill Doctrine (given in Szombathely, March 2011, available on DVD)
Course III: The Austrian Theory of Interest and Discount (given in Munich, August 2011, available on DVD)
Course IV: The Austrian Theory of Money, Credit, and Banking

Registration Information:
The participation fee for Course IV is 1,100.00 Euro (incl. 19% German VAT) This includes tuition, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks during the lectures, printed lecture notes for the course. Hotels and Restaurants are within walking distance and you will receive a list of suggestions. There is a EUR 300.00 non-refundable pre-registration fee that will be credited toward the tuition fee. Students will receive a scholarship reducing the tuition fee to 100.00 Euro for the complete seminar (limited to 10 scholarships in total). Organizers of the course are Wilhelm Rabenstein and Ludwig Karl. In order to register for the course you can get in contact with us via email ( or phone (+49-170-380 39 48. Before calling, please consider a possible time lag. You might also want to take a look at the New Austrian School of Economics on Facebook:

Travel Information:
Munich – also home to the famous Oktoberfest – is located in the southern part of Germany. It can be reached easily from throughout the world.

Arriving by plane:
Munich´s Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport (MUC) is one of the biggest in Europe and located in the North-East of Munich. Trains (S-Bahn) going to the Munich Eastern Central Station (interchange) are leaving every couple of minutes. From there on it will only take you a tube ride of 4 minutes to get to the area where the venue is located.

Arriving by train:
Trains to Munich can be taken from almost every station in Europe. In case you arrive at the Central Station and not at the Eastern Central Station it will only take you a tube ride of eventually ten minutes to get there and on to venue from there.

Arriving by car:
Munich has a perfect traffic connection and is easily reachable from throughout of Europe. Once arrived in Munich you only have to get on “Mittlerer Ring” which surrounds the inner city and leave at the exit “Bogenhausen”. From there on it will only take you around 5 minutes by car to get directly to the venue. The direct surrounding is one of the few in Munich where you can park your car for free right in front of the house.

The Venue:
The venue is a villa in a beautiful setting not far away from the centre but located along the river “Isar” on the last borders of the famous park “Englischer Garten”. Surrounded by almost exclusively consulates general the villa belonging to a student fraternity is centered in a peaceful and easily reachable part of Munich with the underground, the bus and the tramway within walking distance.

The address:
Maria-Theresia-Str. 20
81675 Munich, Germany

You can watch the recordings of this seminar for free on YouTube or listen to it as a podcast